Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Public Service Announcement

I've become my mother! Please stay with me and my thoughts. I haven't really become my mother, what I have become is a little bit more observant when it comes to other people. I notice things I never paid attention to before. Things I might have ignored, or (heaven forbid!) actually done myself! I try hard to be tolerant. I really do, but some things are intolerable, much like those men who wear sandals and black socks, you try to look away, to ignore it, but you just can't! The error, the atrocity of it, is just overwhelming. 

So, what has my panties in a bunch? I will share: High Heels. Honestly, I have nothing against high heels. They can be sexy on nearly anyone, and, when chosen properly, they can be worn all day, and all night without a problem. BUT There is a problem, and it isn't just young women. I see older women (such as myself, or even older) doing it too, and it's time someone knocked some sense into these women! It's funny that men in high heels aren't guilty of this, but I suspect that they know better than most women, and this irritates me most of all.

Women, you know you look sexy in those heels, and that people go wild over your sexy legs, so PLEASE do yourself a favor. Buy those sexy heels, put them on in the privacy of your own home, and (are you ready for it?) Practice (yes, practice!) walking in them! Look at yourself in the mirror! If you look like a newborn foal, then DON'T WEAR THEM IN PUBLIC!!! Just don't! You practice walking in them until you glide across the floor! Then, and only then, wear them in public, wear them to the club, the grocery store, the 99 cents store, or even Wal-Mart.

Please save me from getting arrested for assault! One day, I just might get crazy enough to stop one of these girls (or women) and tell them myself, and it might get ugly, so please, tell your daughters, tell your wives, your girlfriends, your subs, slaves and Mistresses, tell them all to practice wearing those sexy heels so I don't have to!

Thank you!