Friday, June 30, 2017

Life Is Funny That Way

All that kerfuffle for nothing!

Okay, I admit it: I wasn't exactly thrilled with my boyfriend's rapid descent into insanity by getting together with a woman shortly after his girlfriend broke up with him. 

 However, I was thrilled that he was willing to meet with me and negotiate an agreement regarding our polyamorous relationship. I was even more thrilled when he kept his promise and met with me. I found a vegan cafe within walking distance of where I live recently, so that's where we went.

I wasn't happy about this new girl, but I never told him on our numerous back and forth messages because I honestly didn't know how to approach it without sounding snarky or bitchy.

When he texted me about being on his way, he made an offhand comment about this being a particularly difficult week.

At this point, not much he says or does surprises me. Still, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the new girl not only broke it off with him, but she also blocked him on all social media. I swear I had nothing to do with it, but I did tell him about all my concerns regarding her. He completely understood, and even mentioned "dodging that bullet." I'm glad he saw it that way.

So we did have that sit down meeting about our polyamory agreement, and I'm pleased to say that I got most of what I asked for. I even suggested that he gets to know a few women on my circle of friends that are nice and eligible.

I will try to update on this at a later date to see if he follows through.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It Isn't Badmouthing If It's True

I don't want her to fail. She's failed so many times before. Trainwreck is a trainwreck. Even a blind man can see that. Too bad lust causes a different type of blindness. I just have to watch it in slow motion. I already know he's going to get hurt and I can't help him. I just have to watch.

I won't even say I told you so to him because I didn't tell him. I mean it's all there in plain sight for him to see. She's going to rip him apart. I will hate her for it, because he DESERVES better, but he's too blind to see it. I don't understand the desperation he's in. I can give him what he wants. She will too, at least for a little while. Then she will be on a trainwreck again and drag him down with her. Lucky me! I will have to pick up all the pieces.

Right now I just don't like her because I know her past. When she hurts him, then I will hate her, I don't wish bad on her. I just see what's ahead.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope she is good and nice and loving. But I doubt it.

I'll just sit and wait. Then, when he's properly bandaged, I'll introduce him to some women who are worthy of him.

FYI: The above was written by Sunshine. I've corrected spelling, but the grammar is all hers.

An explanation of sorts: AKA: WHY is she a trainwreck?

I don't claim to know it all, and we all have our problems, but recent history says it all.

As someone with demons of my own, I understand the importance of proper medication and therapy. I get that. I have a very easy "cocktail" of medication that keeps my head in the right direction. The woman has rapid cycling Bipolar Disorder. She is
NOT medication compliant by her own admission. She drinks heavily (again by her own admission) and uses various drugs as well. It's not healthy. He is a vegan. She isn't, and she's not the type to even try it.

Over the past 24 months, she has had no less than 20 jobs. The longest one lasted a month. In the same amount of time, she has had 10 failed relationships, one only lasting 12 hours.

Like I've written elsewhere, I've known her for the past 2 years.We were friendly and used to communicate. I read her journal/blog for over 2 years. This is soon to be ugly.

Sometimes It Stays

Sometimes it ends. Other times, it just slowly fades. Whatever happens, there are feelings involved. Polyamory is funny that way.

This has been on my mind quite a bit recently. I don't adjust to changes very well. It's one of the very first things I tell people when we get involved. I even specify what are important things and what are unimportant things. What I expect/need to know, and what is "noise." Depending on my level of involvement, much of it is noise. I go to great lengths to explain what I will give, and what I expect.

I've been witness to a beginning, what appeared to be a fade, but was an ending, and what I call a "true fade" in the past month. I was even exposed to noise, which is something I hate. It seems that late spring/early summer is a hotbed of activity for many relationships. I blame the heat.

This is mostly about my "true fade." Several years ago, I took a submissive under consideration. It was a failure. The consideration period only lasted two weeks before I told him it wasn't going to work. He was bratty, couldn't (or wouldn't) follow simple instructions, and required more energy than I could muster. Both of us have experienced success with others. It was just a bad fit. We didn't love each other less either. Every year, right about this time of the year he calls me.

"Mistress Merry, do you think you could give me a spanking? A really hard one?" I answer yes and we make fluid plans to see one another, and it never happens. He called last night. I won't be available for him until after the 5th. The end of June until the second week of July is tough on me. If you go far back enough in my Journal, or you know me well, you know why. I'm not going to repeat it here. Princess is my true fade. I know that the day will come when he doesn't call, but I know it's not this year. It's not painful. It doesn't hurt. The one that hurts (there's always at least one) was the one that appeared to be a fade, but then ended abruptly due to circumstances neither of us could control. That one gives me all sorts of mixed feelings. Sadness, anger, and a hurt like being punched in the gut. I mourned it for months, even though I was in a happy thriving relationship that carried me through it. Every time I see his (real) name the pain becomes fresh. I yell and cuss when I see it. I still love him but I know he no longer loves me. It's my cross to bear.

I'm facing a difficult relationship decision right now made even more difficult by something I can't control dealing with Shilo. I'm distracted. I don't know how I will decide, but I know that there's too much noise here.

Friday, June 23, 2017

On Being Part of a Harem

In this entry, I use the word Harem as a group of women who engage in sex with one man.Yes, I'm polyamorous, and I do have 3 men that I'm in a sexual relationship with. There's Stitch, my Partner of nearly 13 years, Shilo, My slave/husband of 4 years, and then there's my boyfriend that I've been with for 3 years. In this case, because Stitch and Shilo are monogamous by choice, and my boyfriend is polyamorous, I'm part of his harem. 

Up until very recently, I was happy with my place. I had 'seniority' because I've been around the longest. He has several FWB's that I knew of, but I outranked them, and I'm also younger than them, and then he had his girlfriend who was younger than me. In my heart, she outranked me, but she happily treated me as an equal, or even like I outranked her because of my position as a Dominant,and because I've been around longer. Unlike his other relationships, ours can best be described as egalitarian. We're equals. It works for us.

Several weeks ago, he and the girlfriend broke up. Nobody bothered to tell me. I found out along with everyone else. I was hurt because I wasn't treated like I had any place in their lives. To me, it was common sense that I should be informed before the general public.  I brought it up with my boyfriend, because my relationship is with him, not her. 

Then, this past weekend, my boyfriend took me to stay overnight and spend the day with him. Even though I made it perfectly clear before, he started to talk to me about his FWB's.  Those women do not affect our relationship, and I honestly don't want to know details about them. He's been told that before. Several other things happened  that only made the situation even more uncomfortable for me, and because I wanted to avoid an argument, I waited until I got home, and sent him a note. (Paraphrased below)

Thank you for having me over. I was really looking forward to it, and I really enjoyed my "full immersion" vegan experience. I'm looking forward to more experiences like that with you.

There were a few things I really wanted to say, but didn't because I was afraid I'd say it wrong or it would be misunderstood, or, even worse, I would lose your admiration.

Here goes:

I'm not stupid enough to think that it's been just your girlfriend and myself in your life. I know you have FWB's etc; but I really (and I mean REALLY) don't want to know any details. The only time I would want to know is if you happen to impregnate one of them, which I realize is next to improbable/impossible. I really feel that unless it's a serious relationship, I don't need to know about it. I hope you understand I'm not upset or angry, it's just that I would prefer that some things were kept private.

The other thing I wanted to do is ask you an uncomfortable (for me) question. Did I say or do something offensive, or was something about me bothering you? I promise I won't be upset if you tell me. You seemed a bit distant and less affectionate than last time. You seemed to have no interest in giving me oral sex, and I wasn't about to demand it, but I felt that maybe there was something wrong with me, and you didn't want to be near me, or tell me what was on your mind. I just need you to be honest with me about it.
P.S. I really did have a wonderful time with you.

His reply was:

 You are welcome.
I will keep details of my less serious relationships to myself. I told you about them in order to be completely open with you, but I can respect your wishes about that.

But no, you did not offend me, or anything like that. I think I was probably missing her so much that I could not concentrate on you as much as I should, and I apologize for that. I thought I was up to seeing you or others, but I guess not, as nothing really went the way I expected with anyone this weekend.

 After that, I figured he understood me, so imagine my surprise and shock when I found out he had a relationship status change with a new woman. Again, I was left in the dark! Didn't I mention that I wanted to know about important things? Was this not important? I sent a series of notes to him (again paraphrased)

That was fast! Remember our conversation about telling me things? This is something I'd like to know about in advance. 

I'm hurt and angry that you didn't even mention that you had someone on your radar. Surely she must have been on your radar before today.

(he apologized)

And now you know what I mean about important vs. unimportant.

I think I managed to get the point across though, because I got the following message this afternoon.

Just a heads up, (new girl) and I are going to update our profiles to show we are dating.

I thanked him for letting me know in advance. It was all I really wanted in the first place. Acknowledgement that I matter. I also realized that I had acted coldly towards this new girl, and it was unbecoming. I also owed my boyfriend an apology and explanation, so I sent this note:

I was having a less-than-stellar day yesterday, and it bled into everything else. I'd like to apologize if you felt I was abrupt, demanding, and/or pouty. I know you know I'm not normally that way, and I feel rotten about overreacting.

However, after talking it over with Shilo this morning, I realized that you're really the only secondary (because we don't live together) relationship I have. The others, while not casual, are much further removed. Also, because of how we started, we never really had any type of agreement, and looking back, if we did have one, much of the confusion and hurt feelings that's happened in the past week might have been prevented.

Would you be willing to meet with me for an hour or so next week so we can come up with something? I feel it would benefit the both of us as we go through this period of change. 

He acknowledged it would be a good idea, and we will hopefully meet next week and go over the agreement I have with Stitch and Shilo, and what I would ideally want from him, and what parts of my agreement with the two of them that he wants carried over into our relationship agreement. Even though it is by no means legally binding, at least it will prevent future problems, and having a written guideline will allow us to reference it if/when problems arise.