Sunday, July 30, 2017

To My Readers

If any of you read about what happened to my Household on Friday, July 21st, I'd like to share some good news:

Even though we were unable to get a loan to cover the money that was taken from the Household account, my savings, and a joint account that has Shilo's name on it ($3,600 total), between Shilo cashing in some vacation, an unexpected check in the mail, donations sent via Paypal, a check on its way in the mail, and some donations from GoFundMe, it looks like we are close enough to our goal ($2,500) that ALL the expenses (Rent, car insurance, utilities and gasoline so Shilo can go to work) are covered.

It's been a rough 9 days, and it feels good to breathe easy again.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One Year Ago Today (7-25) Just Before Midnight... And other things...

I had my accident, and broke my right humerus in two places.The following afternoon, my Mentor lost his life after suffering a series of major strokes. He was 64.

Today I'm mostly healed, although I sometimes have residual pain. There are still some things I'm unable to do in spite of the many hours of PT that I endured. Still, I'm grateful for the movement I have, and I know what a long way I've come since then.

On July 13th, I turned 56. A few nights later, Shilo and Stitch took me out to dinner.  It was a fun night, and I'm glad we went out.

On July 21st, I woke up to this email:

There were 2 other emails in addition to this one. A total of $3,666 and some change was taken from my accounts. Note that the one above is marked "HOUSEHOLD."  Keep in mind that while these accounts all have my name on it. not a single penny is mine. The money belonged to Stitch and Shilo. It was the money we use for rent, utilities, car insurance and gasoline so Shilo can get to and from work every day (75 miles roundtrip!)


is a question we've been asked by others. It's simple, and yet not so simple. Our theory is that sometime in March wile we were moving a Summons was handed to someone (my guess is my oldest son age 33) and it wasn't given to me. The court date came, and a default judgement was made, so my funds were seized.

Shilo drove me to the Van Nuys Courthouse and we were told to call the Attorney for the other side. They didn't care that the money wasn't "mine" all they cared about was that they got "their" money.

Over the weekend both Shilo and Stitch (together and separately) applied for loans from at least 20 different companies with each one getting rejected. As a last-ditch effort, I opened a Go Fund Me page. This isn't my proudest moment. I don't like showing my vulnerabilities, and I DETEST asking for help, but like my Mom always told me "You don't get if you don't ask;" and this is truly an emergency.  If you are willing or able to help, the link is below. Also, if you want to share, it would be appreciated.

(GoFundMe link redacted)

Thank You!


Friday, July 7, 2017

The Agreement (One week later) with Fire Details Bonus

Fire Details?

Let's go there first. Did I mention that my boyfriend is originally from England? He even has a thick British accent. Unfortunately, he mumbles often, so talking on the phone is often an exercise in futility. I personally DETEST texting, but he is my exception to the rule, but more in that later.

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that when it comes to verbal expressions, the British have a way with words that most people in the US just don't quite understand. His "verbiage" caused a woman to get upset with him recently, and she accused him of being thoughtless and mean. He may be a Sadist, but he is neither thoughtless or mean. It's just that what his British friends would laugh and smile at, this poor woman took to be an insult. Now, instead of just apologizing and moving on (like any other man should do!) He explained himself!

Any woman in the US will tell you that all explaining does is get us more upset and angry! The smart (US) way of just apologizing usually suffices, and prevents blowups. Poor dear man! He just doesn't "get" it, so between dealing with my own stuff, I got stuck between a crying justifiably angry woman, and a sweet confused man saying "But, I was..." It's after 10:30 here and my phone hasn't gone off, so I think (hope) all is well.


Back to the Agreement:

I don't normally share details of my formal agreements with others, but in order to understand the progress (or lack thereof) it might be helpful to know what's in  this one, so I will share.

Here is a copy of the Agreement with requests:

General Agreement Proposal

We agree that this Relationship was and is founded in Love, and that we will speak to one another in a Loving and Caring manner, always showing respect for each other. We may not always agree on things but we will do our best to not say hurtful or disrespectful things to one another.

We understand/agree that polyamory is involved, and that in itself requires open lines of communication at all times. We promise to discuss our feelings, rather than allow bad feelings to fester, and, if either of us feels overwhelmed and unable to speak, the affected person will write down what S/he is feeling in a journal entry or email, and direct the other's attention to it.

We may pursue relationships with others, but we are not obligated to discuss it until such a time when we feel that said relationships will be of some Importance. Fetlife or Facebook relationship changes are considered to be important. Boyfriend’s FWB’s are not included in this.

If Merry decides she wants to pursue a serious relationship with someone, She will hold a meeting with Shilo, Stitch, and Boyfriend (if he desires) so that She may discuss Her feelings and gain their approval. They understand that they are expected to give approval, unless they can provide a justifiable reason as to why said relationship would be detrimental to Her. They also understand that if they have not yet met the person in question, a meeting will be held so they can ask questions and get to know the person. They will not discuss their opinions amongst themselves unless Merry is present.

Any sexual relationships (in this case, intercourse) other than FWB’s will be discussed in advance if possible. Any potential sexual partners for Merry are required to have a current HIV test done, and must interview separately with each Family Member (Currently Merry, Shilo, and Stitch) unless otherwise agreed. Approval is by majority vote. Boyfriend understands that Merry wants and appreciates feedback on her decisions, and hopes that Boyfriend will give the same courtesy to her.

Boyfriend agrees to never mention his FWB’s with Merry unless he is directly asked. Both Boyfriend and Merry agree to focus on each other when they are together. Other people and/or obligations will only be discussed in a general manner.


I would like to see you a minimum of once a month preferably twice. Days and amount of time at your convenience.

It would be nice if we contacted each other on a more regular basis. Once or twice a week, by Fetmail or text even if it’s only “Wow, I’m so busy, hope you are well.”

We will try to attend one event a year as a couple.

We agree to always use condoms and/or gloves when needed during sexual encounters with each other.

Boyfriend may request that Merry dress a certain way on their dates together. Merry agrees to any reasonable request.

I felt it was reasonable, although my boyfriend had a lot of "What if?" type questions.  He said he could not agree to notification in advance because sometimes things "just happen" (I rolled my eyes at that, but said nothing) and he also said that he couldn't commit to one event a year and made some silly excuse. Again, I rolled my eyes. I decided it wasn't worth the argument because he will eventually do it my way anyway (Because all men do) I also asked if he had any requests or suggestions, and he said he didn't. I'm jut waiting on it. It will come.

Since it's been a week I will share:

He has texted and Fetmailed me for six of the past 7 days, often with a back and forth of not understanding why someone is angry at him. I sent him a Fetmail requesting that he escort me to an event. Not as a date, but as a ride. He then went on to explain that he made plans to be with some girl (meaning sub) that night. I explained again that I wanted a ride, not a play partner. He agreed. 

The event above is in a month, and it's not a date. He hasn't yet made a date with me. I am waiting somewhat impatiently, but I am smiling because I trust he will remember. 

So far, I will give him an "E" for effort, because he is trying.

↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑


This is Donna Dawg-Lass, my Pitbull (Bonus points if you know who she was named after)

Isn't she sweet? A week ago, instead of jumping on the bed with us, she put her head on the foot of the bed and whined. I thought it was strange, but I was tired, and she eventually settled on the floor. On Saturday afternoon, while I was cooking, she sat down watching me, and her head seemed to be cocked severely to the left. In fact, her walking was wobbly like she was drunk and she had a "stupid" look on her face. I called the vet at 7:15 Monday morning, and Donna as there at 8:30. Everything seemed normal, so the vet took some blood and gave a diagnosis of Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome. Other than that, she said a "wait and see" approach was best. The vet called yesterday while I was asleep (it figures!) and told me the results were normal. In fact, they were "Excellent!"

Her head is less cocked today, but she still can't get up on the bed, so she has a blanket on the floor.

So, What's up with YOU?

Saturday, July 1, 2017


"is golden".
Said the introvert quietly.

"But WHYYY???!!!"
the toddler and teenager screamed.

"Come closer and listen."
The Teacher said.

So they all huddled quietly at the feet of the introvert. And waited.







And waited
















and waited some more.

Just as her audience was about to leave, the introvert spoke:

"We have sat in silence for a very long time. You waited to hear my words, because I rarely speak, but when I do, you find wisdom in my words. Am I correct?" They all nodded eagerly.

"Some people just like to hear their own voice. They speak nonstop about others, always presenting themselves as the Hero or the Victim when they are neither. No, they are Liars and Instigators. They bring Destruction to anyone who falls for their many words. They add some truth to their lies, and they sit in wait for anyone who will correct them, and then claim again to be the victim."

"Do you understand?"

The teenager spoke:
"So sometimes instead of being so eager to defend myself, I should sit and watch instead?"

"Yes," the introvert said. "If you have a good character, and you are honest, people who know you will vouch for you. They will see the lies for what they are, and, if asked, they will speak the truth."

"But what about that mean kid that steals my toys?" the toddler asked. "Does it mean I shouldn't tell on her?"

The Teacher spoke:
"My darling Little One, yes, you should always tell someone who can help you when something bad happens."

The introvert added:
"If you are known to be truthful, then people will believe you when you ask for help. If you always whine and complain, people are less likely to believe you."

I stand by my words. When I see injustices done to those I consider Family, I will come to their aid. Do NOT Fuck with my Family, Do NOT Fuck with my friends, Do NOT Fuck with the Ones I Love. I don't have to lift a finger or speak a word. Justice has a way of taking care of things.

Mary Price