Wednesday, April 21, 2021

"As Seen On Quora"

Yeah, I "stalk" Shilo.

Not in the creepy sneaky way some people do. More in that I know where he goes, and I will sometimes go to the same place and look around to see what he’s said or done. We don’t hide things from each other, and it’s not a big deal anyway. We share our passwords and other things.

Anyway, I rarely go to Quora, but he’s often on it, especially lately, and I had some “free time” today to look, so I checked out his responses. So, what have I discovered? A few things, mostly true, but with a lack of proper context, so it looks weird to me. Also that Shilo doesn’t always understand WHY I do certain things. I’ve made a chart:




She really Loves me

I sure do!

She’s been very patient with my shortcomings

Well, you’ve been pretty good with mine too. Besides, isn’t that what marriage is about?

She has spanked me many times in the past

Yes, and you’ve enjoyed most of it.

She loves to cook, and she’s a great cook, but hates cleaning

That’s true. I told you that from the beginning

She’s a slob. Just leaves stuff wherever. I had NO idea!

I thought I told you that unless it’s moved, I can tell you exactly where I put something, slobby or not. WHY did you hide my soy sauce?

I was drunk on our wedding night

You sure were. And you were “punished”

She’s had more hundreds of times more experience than me

Yeah. I never hid that from you, but I never expected to see it in print. Not angry, mostly amused

She washes new sheets and clothes because she’s a germophobe

Yes, I’m a bit germophobic but I wash new sheets and clothes due to my sensitive skin

She snores


She detests smoking and smokers

Yes. And Detest is exactly the word I use.

She doesn't put clothes away, out of the dryer


I can't hear her through the wall that separates our kitchen and living room but she talks anyway

I keep forgetting. I’m sorry.

She was raped


When we got engaged, I didn't have an engagement ring. But I WAS wearing a silver birthstone ring, and I gave it to her.

She still wears it, next to her wedding band.

That’s because it means so much more to me than an overpriced diamond ring.

I like it when she TELLS me I’m getting a spanking, and I hate it when she asks

I need to remember that


Well, while I was writing this, he asked me a question, and my answer made him feel put off, so it looks like he might not be talking to me for a few hours. 

Still, like he says on Quora, “my wife doesn’t hold grudges and rarely stays angry;” and you can take that fact exactly as written. 



I Love Shilo in so many ways that’s it’s hard to explain, and it can be difficult for others to fathom. He’s MINE, I’m HIS, and I’m so grateful to have him by my side.