Monday, November 14, 2016

Some (not so) Random Thoughts (11-14-16)

Healing is slow and painful, and my incessant desire to express myself will often cause me more pain. Here are two such instances from Facebook: 
feeling amused.(12 hours ago)
Jonathan drove me to Moreno Valley yesterday (11-12) for a baby shower. My youngest and his wife are expecting their second child around Christmas. I'm so very happy and excited because they were considering divorce 18 months ago. God CAN heal relationships!

My ex-husband (father of my children) was there with his GF of 5 years. Our divorce was ugly and messy. It's been 20 years now, and I'm in a safe and happy place now. Anyway, I've moved on, and there are times when I have to discuss things about our adult children. It's personal, and his GF has nothing to do with it. They aren't hers. So I gently touched him and asked for some private time. The look on his GFs face was priceless. He was furious that I bothered him. He wouldn't even sit down with me, even when I told him the situation, but his face softened with concern, and I think I got through to him.

His GF was gone when we returned. It turns out that Jonathan took her out the door because she was saying nasty things about me, and she thinks that I'm trying to steal him back!!! That made me laugh because I have a wonderful husband (Shilo) that is easily twice the man he ever was, and Stitch as well. Counting my blessings that I'm not delusional.


feeling angry and disappointed with people. (9 hours ago)
FRIEND'S FB STATUS: Wow to many people obsessed with Politics and being right, no longer can come on facebook to find uplifting and inspiring messages just people feeding off the medias spin on Politics and loving the division of sides we now have, sad when you see so many families divided no longer is family the ties that bind, its all about the fight of who is right.

MY REPLY: I have pretty much stopped. Obama can't have a third term, and Trump beat Clinton according to the electoral college even though Clinton got the popular vote. There's nothing left to say. I've switched over to thinking about Thanksgiving and the upcoming birth of my first grandson.


I'm rather proud of the fact that in spite of differing opinions, etc; I haven't unfriended ANYONE due to their political belief since Obama was re-elected in 2012. I've politely stated my opinion, but avoided raising hell over any of the candidates. As I stated many times, I watched EVERY debate, Republican and Democrat. I listened to interviews with Third Party candidates and I feel I made an informed decision. It's been 5 days since Donald Trump won by electoral college standards. I believe this is a travesty. Some people might look at me and say that I'm a "sore loser" or maybe even "butthurt" but it's not that at all.

I have standards and values. Most of them are conservative, but I also believe in "live and let live" and I'm not going to preach or tell you you're wrong. After all, we each have our own journey. We've all done things we aren't proud of. I believe that Public Figures, especially Politicians, should be held to a higher standard. After all, children look up to them, especially the President.

Donald Trump is NOT someone that all children can can look up to. He has 5 children from three different women. He's cheated on them, and acts like it was nothing. What ever happened to Family Values? He's used foul language during debates. How is that an example to our children and grandchildren? He's also said some raunchy things, been accused (NOT convicted) of sexual harassment, and even rape, and he says it was all "locker room talk."

Let me make this clear: I don't give a rat's patoot what Donald Trump, the private citizen, says or does, but he CHOSE to run for President, so it's fair game for me to bring those things up. It's the higher standards I brought up earlier. He opened himself up to criticism.

Even those things are small potatoes compared to his outright racism and sexism. Being endorsed by the KKK is shameful in this day and age.

I've had enough. Starting now, today, I will no longer sit quietly and put up with people who praise Donald Trump. It's not about his political party, it's about how far from the traditional values of the Republican Party he has gone. It's about my morals and values and how he has said and done things that cause me to shudder.

If you voted for or support Donald Trump, I give you three choices:

1. Stop your political posts NOW!

2. Make your Trump-supporting political posts hidden from me. (Choose "Custom" and then enter my name is the "hide from" area)

OR choose to take the cowards way out and

3. Unfriend me.

It's that simple. I think I know my real friends well enough that they will choose options one or two, because if you choose three, it only proves to me that you have no moral compass.