Monday, August 26, 2013


So here I am sitting at the Albuquerque airport. Shilo is trying to sleep and, because I slept most of the way from Baltimore to here, I am wide awake. Nevermind that I was up most of the night before thanks to Stitch. He managed to get lost on his bicycle in Long Beach yesterday, and didn't bother to call anyone for assistance. He decided to do it on his own, and only succeeded in getting even more lost, because he is directionally challenged and didn't bother to go ask someone for directions.  To make matters worse he didn't bother to even call me when he got home because he didn't want to wake me and naturally I was sitting awake waiting for a fucking phone call. Sometimes, I just want to shake him.

Honestly, he has no clue how angry I get at him when he pulls stuff like this and he does this all the fucking time. It's frustrating and it worries me like you would not believe. It's probably the reason why I still have him with me. I'm scared that one day he's going to get himself killed if he is not monitored constantly, and I would feel responsible. don't get me wrong, I love him very very much, and I could not imagine my life without him in it. It's just that I get so worried and scared because he doesn't pay any attention to anything. It looks like my plane is here so I must go but I hope that things are better when I get home.

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