Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A New Start

I've had a "vanilla" account on blogger for quite some time now, but I realized it would not be in my best interests to add my BDSM activities there, so I made up this one. It will allow my slave, Shilo, to learn things that he needs to know about me, and will open up another door of communication in a safe place and way.

So, why do this in the first place? In Shilo's case, he is often reticent to let me know exactly how he feels, but he knows that I expect honesty in his journal, and it allows him to bring up thoughts, feelings and questions in a safe place. I Love him in a way that he doesn't always understand. I am polyamorous, he is monogamous.

Shilo is a masochist that derives his pleasure from impact play, primarily spanking. He is what others might call a "pain slut" because he can take what appears to be severe beatings, and he smiles through most of it.  Watching me play with him would cause the average person on the street to turn away in shock and horror, but know that what I do, what we do is completely consensual, and I would never purposely cause him permanent bodily harm.  
I am a sadomasochistic Dominant that enjoys giving as well as receiving pain. I didn't start out like this, however. When I started at the tender age of  19, just a few months short of my 20th birthday, I was submissive, and it was primarily sexual. It wasn't until about 1994 that I met up with a Dominant 20+ years my senior, who told me that my true calling was as a Dominant woman, and I learned quickly under his careful monitoring.  I was reminded again of my calling over the years, but what really drove it home for me was meeting my Mentor in December 2011. 

My Partner, Stitch, is very dear to me, and has been with me since late July 2004. We share a very special bond, a history, but Stitch is vanilla. Well, not exactly... I told him of my interests very early in our relationship, and his desire has always been to watch me. He is a voyeur through and through, but he is not Dominant or submissive. He attends dungeon parties with me and will assist me in setting up/cleaning up and checks on me during a scene to make sure I have water. He will also sometimes assist in aftercare, getting things I might need to be sure that whoever I'm playing with is comfortable. our Love for each other is constant, and he is patient and kind to me.

I also have a Mentor that I will call Daddy W on this page. He is the person I go to when I need guidance or advice, or, even, the occasional "grounding" lecture to put my head on straight. I value him and his opinion on things.

I will not be writing daily (or so I say now) but I will update at least weekly, and I might use this as a way to explain things to Shilo, or even share the "rest of the story" with his readers. If you are looking for adult content that titillates, I'll save you time and tell you that you'll most likely be disappointed.

And so it begins...

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  1. Truly, and so it begins...

    with ALL of my love to You...