Tuesday, April 2, 2019


It's Something I Learned A Long Time Ago :
No matter how "perfect" or "great" you think you are, there will always be someone who is younger, thinner, richer, prettier, or smarter than you are. You won't always be the center of attention, so learn to live with it.

The above doesn't mean you give up and become a shrinking violet, it means that you accept that fact, and make yourself memorable, hopefully in a positive way. It means that you might have to make more of an effort in some way, but if a person is worth being with and having in your life, they are worth that effort. Just remember that it's not a competition, and some people just want the next big thing, the newer, flashier model. Don't sell yourself out. Know your value. Realize that You have Value! You are worth it, even if you are tossed aside by someone because they prefer a newer flashier model, or even an older, more established model. This goes no matter what your age or gender.
I had several discussions yesterday regarding making an effort. Making the effort to let the other person know that they are valued. Telling me "I Love you" is nice, and I appreciate it, but your actions tell me so much more. The way you look at me when I enter a room, your touch, the effort you make to be with me, remembering the things I like, and being willing to show me your vulnerabilities. Showing that you trust me, but that's me. Maybe your needs are different. Talking about those needs.
Resting on one's laurels is a dangerous thing to do. Just because you have your "prize" today does not guarantee that you will always have them, and if you don't treat them like they are important to you, or stop putting forth effort and having the mindset of "Now that I have you, I can relax and let myself go to shit, and ignore you." you will have a hard lesson to learn.
I don't necessarily view myself as a "prize," but apparently there are a few people who feel I am, and I might occasionally wonder about their taste, I know that I can't neglect them because I'm so special that they are irresistibly drawn to me. No, I do my best to do things to show them that I value them as well, whether it's remembering their favorite music or food, or dressing a certain way. It doesn't require much effort. They do the same for me, and it makes the both of us happy.
Shilo is making the effort to relearn those things about me now that he's retired and at home. He's making a conscious effort to do things because for the longest time, he was so busy with work that he didn't have time. Now time is a more flexible yet fleeting thing, and he's making it count. He notices things more often and understands me in a way he never did. It's almost like our early days before we got married almost six years ago.
Where was I? Well, I'm not where I planned on going, but I rarely am. Time to refocus.
I could easily make myself crazy with jealousy over all those people who have what I don't, but I have a not-so-secret secret. It's not a competition. I don't have to compete with that pretty young thing with perfect hair and makeup and mani-pedi's. Sure, she might occasionally get the attention that I want (and think I need) but I have something she doesn't have. I've been 'tested,' and anyone with a decent amount of maturity (and I'm not talking about age) knows that there's nothing quite as nice as going someplace where your comfort comes first. Your own bed, your "special" chair, those shoes that make you feel like like you're walking on air, and being fed what you like. The whole "There's No Place Like Home" feeling.
Know your value. I know mine.



  1. Wise words. Not always easy to remember.... but wise nonetheless.

    1. Thank you. I'm going through a weird time right now.

      I hope you and yours are doing well. ❤️

    2. you are right in saying life is not a competition. Life is precious and there to be enjoyed. We all need to do whatever we need to make ourselves happy. You are a prize and im happy to read you know that