Sunday, July 30, 2017

To My Readers

If any of you read about what happened to my Household on Friday, July 21st, I'd like to share some good news:

Even though we were unable to get a loan to cover the money that was taken from the Household account, my savings, and a joint account that has Shilo's name on it ($3,600 total), between Shilo cashing in some vacation, an unexpected check in the mail, donations sent via Paypal, a check on its way in the mail, and some donations from GoFundMe, it looks like we are close enough to our goal ($2,500) that ALL the expenses (Rent, car insurance, utilities and gasoline so Shilo can go to work) are covered.

It's been a rough 9 days, and it feels good to breathe easy again.


  1. Glad to hear it eased up a bit. I would still hope you could pursue getting some if not all of the original money back through an appeal process.